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How to Renew Medical Marijuana Card in Minnesota in 2024


Obtain a medical cannabis recertification: To re-enroll in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Patient Registry, you must obtain a re-certification to continue the use of medical cannabis from a healthcare practitioner. Visits to the healthcare providers to obtain recertifications can be conducted via telemedicine


Complete your re-enrollment online: Use the certification link sent your email by the Office of Medical Cannabis to complete your re-enrollment application online. Annual re-enrollments fees are no longer required

Does Minnesota Allow Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online?

Minnesota does not issue medical marijuana cards. However, medical marijuana patients in Minnesota must re-enroll annually in the Minnesota Medical Marijuana Registry. Their re-enrollment application must be completed online via the enrollment links sent to their email addresses after certification by their healthcare providers. During re-enrolment, they must pay the required fees via debit or credit cards and update all relevant documents on the portal. Patients must complete their re-enrollment within 90 days of being certified by their healthcare providers. The Office of Medical Cannabis processes all re-enrollment applications within 30 days.

How Often Do You Have to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card in Minnesota?

Currently, registered medical cannabis patients in Minnesota must re-enroll annually in the state’s medical marijuana program. However, from March 2025, the renewal period will change from 1 year to every 3 years.

Do You Need a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Doctor in Minnesota?

Medical marijuana patients in Minnesota require healthcare providers' certifications yearly to remain in the Minnesota medical marijuana registry. They must be evaluated and recertified for medical marijuana therapy by healthcare providers. Healthcare providers allowed to recommend medical cannabis in the state include Minnesota-licensed physicians, advanced practice registered nurses, and physician assistants. Minnesota does not maintain a list of healthcare providers for medical marijuana.

Minnesota Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Cost

The Office of Medical Cannabis eliminated annual enrollment/e-enrollment fees effective July 1, 2023, so Minnesota medical marijuana cardholders are not required to pay any fee to renew their cards. However, patients may have to pay evaluation and certification fees to their healthcare providers, which ranges from $50 to $200.

Where to Do Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Near Me in Minnesota

Minnesota does not issue medical marijuana cards. All medical marijuana re-enrollment applications and correspondence with the Office of Medical Cannabis are done online.

Can I Use a Medical Marijuana Card from Another State in Minnesota?

Currently, Minnesota does not accept medical marijuana cards from out-of-state patients. However, from March 1, 2025, medical marijuana patients from outside the state will be able to purchase medical marijuana in Minnesota.

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