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How Much Does the Minnesota Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

To get an MMJ card and join the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program, a patient must first obtain a certification from a state-licensed medical provider participating in the program. After getting certified, the Minnesota Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) sends the patient an email containing a link for the enrollment in the state’s medical marijuana registry. During their registration, a patient can designate a caregiver. Once designated, the caregiver gets an email with a link directing them to their own registration.

Cost of Physician Consultation

To join the state’s Medical Cannabis Program, a certifying medical provider must be a Minnesota-licensed physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice registered nurse. While the OMC does not provide a list of such providers, patients can easily find eligible practitioners to issue them medical cannabis recommendations by consulting their own physicians or cannabis advocacy groups. The certifying medical provider must first confirm a patient diagnosis as one of the qualifying medical conditions approved for medicinal cannabis use in Minnesota. While eligible medical practitioners do not charge for certifying patients online, patients may still expect to pay the cost of the physician consultations leading to their certification. Medical consultation fees in Minnesota are typically between $100 and $400 depending on the location and type of practice consulted.

Minnesota Medical Marijuana Card Fee

Minnesota does not issue physical medical cannabis cards and it stopped charging for enrollment in its medical cannabis program on July 1, 2023. Caregivers, however, must complete and pay for a background check when registering in the program. The fee for this background check is $15. Patients and caregivers can still print out their digital MMJ cards from their profiles on the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Registry.

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